Sinus Precautions




Teeth in the upper jaw are often positioned very close to the sinuses.  In some cases, a communication between the tooth socket and the sinus cavity may develop.  In many instances, no treatment is indicated.  However, your doctor may place you on sinus precautions in order to aid healing.




            1.         If prescribed, take medications as directed.

            2.         Do not spit for several days.

            3.         Refrain from blowing your nose for two weeks.

            4.         Try not to sneeze.  If you must sneeze, try to do so with your mouth open.

            5.         Take Sudafed 60 mg every 6 hours.

            6.         Do not use a straw or smoke.

            7.         Eat soft foods and chew on the opposite side.

            8.         Follow oral hygiene instructions.


It is not uncommon to have a slight amount of bleeding from the nose.  Please call us if it is extensive or recurring.


Sinus communications will normally close on their own.  However, some do not resolve and may require a surgical procedure.  Following your doctor’s advice and sinus precautions is the best way to aid the healing process.  Failure to do so may compromise your final outcome.  If symptoms persist or recur, it is imperative that you call our office so that we may reevaluate your condition.


It is important to understand that failure to follow any of the instructions as indicated above may result in serious complications, significant detriment to your health, and in some cases, life threatening.


Please understand your overall health and well being during the healing period is extremely important to us.  The doctor is available to answer any questions concerning your surgery.